• Kae

A day in the life

A day in the life of someone whose day is very different from the next was a challenge to create, especially when it needs to be posted onto Instagram with a 1 minute limit for a post and a 20 second limit for an Instagram story.

This was a brief given to me from my University course and I wanted to get as creative as possible with the editing. Post-production is what I preferred most during the process, as this is where I can get crazy with it and layer everything with effects.

The filming I did for the overall piece included behind the scenes footage of a photoshoot that I was modeling for and footage of a band I am friends with, and I also used their music for the sound.

I used these videos as I wanted to involve the type of things I get up to in university, (the more fun side of it) and what I got up to outside of work and university, and that is supporting my friends. I wanted to show my support for the band, Spangled, and also for my friend Beth who is a makeup artist, as her work is shown in the film too.

I love being able to experiment with different techniques and my personal go-to is the crazier, the better.

Both videos are below, the first being the minute-long video, and the second post underneath, in the format of an Instagram story.

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