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Gothic Manchester Festival: Film screening of "The Neon Demon"

In October, Manchester Metropolitan University put their skills to work for the Gothic Manchester Festival where I attended a film screening of 'The Neon Demon' with a well spoken introduction by Jennifer Richards, from Manchester Fashion Institute. 

She went on to explain it was set in the modern gothic world of fashion in which the film had a variety of different themes, illusions and aesthetics that appeared throughout, and this then expanding from fashion to other features which play an important part throughout the film such as the use of colours and characters. Jennifer also pointed out the ironic use of colour in the film as the director was in fact colour blind. 

She carried on to tell us that during the making of the film, the use of blood was that excessive, the make-up artists tried diverse ways of creating it with different ingredients and trying a variety of flavours each time.  

There was representations of cannibalism and witchcraft throughout the film which made it more demonic and even the filming wasn't pleasant due to Elle Fanning's contact lenses melting onto her eyes during the first scene. There appeared to be a lot of dark themes for the duration of the film such as necrophilia, murder, obsession, and violence. 

I would highly recommend watching.

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