• Kae

Hepworth Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park

So this was my first field trip with my university and I actually found it to be an interesting experience. We first went to the Hepworth Galley in Wakefield where they were exhibitions of Lee Miller and Viviane Sassen, and then afterwards we arrived at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where it was very windy and had a lot of sheep roaming about. 

Hepworth Gallery

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures in the Lee Miller exhibition so there isn't anything to show but we were allowed for Viviane Sassen. Below is some work by Viviane Sassen, and a couple from around the gallery, which I didn't take note of the artists names, I just took pictures of the ones that caught my eye.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

After we had been to the Hepworth Gallery, we then took a 15 minute coach ride to Yorkshire Sculpture park, which was surrounded by sheep, unfortunately every time I tried to get near one, they ran away. 

It was a very windy day so I didn't take many pictures outside as I could only just see where I was going, but they had a gallery inside which we went to have a look at and it was more appealing to me as the photography was eye catching and I felt like I had a connection to the work shown. 

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