• Kae

Leeds Fest 2018

I honestly couldn't of had a more amazing day at a festival in the pouring rain and freezing weather than I did this day. 

I spent it with awesome fucking people, my main gal for her birthday, caught up with some old friends and even made some new ones. 

What a better way to spend a day in the rain than listening to your favourite artists with the coolest people you know with incredible food and alcohol.

I absolutely loved my outfit during Leeds Fest. I ordered my dress from Motel rocks where they have so many different patterns, my jacket from H&M and then me and Amy had to take a quick trip to Primark to get ourselves some hats to cover our hair from the rain, however I did turn up with curly hair, and this was my hair at the end of the night.... 

I only attended the Sunday but hopefully next year I will be able to attend the whole weekend and do the whole camping experience! Fingers crossed the weather will be better...

Below is a clip of my experience at Leeds Fest 2018!

Love ya guys and fuck you to all the fuckboys.

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