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Lockdown hobbies

As places are slowly starting to open up again, and things are getting back to a steady pace, I thought I'd share with you some of the hobbies I've taken up throughout lockdown.

I have still been working (in retail) throughout the whole of lockdown but still had a lot of spare time due to not being able to have a social life, so these a few things I did to keep myself entertained.

Acrylic Art

A new hobby I've always wanted to try is acrylic painting and so far, I am finding it to be very therapeutic and calming to do, and personally, I feel like I'm quite good at it if I don't say so myself... (for a beginner, anyway). There's a lot I could improve on, obviously, but I'm enjoying it without it having to be perfect.


I've always had an interest in skateboarding but never invested in one as I thought I wouldn't be good at it at all, as I've never been the best at keeping my balance... however, I am really enjoying myself, even though I'm terrible at it, but, like they say, Practice makes Perfect! You can check out me failing on TikTok. @eddie_stenhouse

Instagram fashion challenges

So, throughout lockdown, a few influencers I follow on Instagram made use of the fact that people aren't working or bored of finding something to do, so they came up with their own fashion challenges. The ones I have taken part in were @therealreececreed #makeitfash and @charleenmurphy #charleensfashionchallenge2 and they were both so diverse and creative. My favourite part was finding clothes in my wardrobe that I forgot I had and becoming really creative with them. It also made me find some clothes that I really needed to send to the charity shop.


Throughout lockdown, one thing I didn't want to be was lazy, so I downloaded a running app - Couch to 5K. You can choose who you want your instructor to be throughout the process and they motivate during the run, and I found it extremely helpful to have someone tell me when to run and when to take a break, so if anyone is looking to start running, I recommend this app.

Tik Tok

Of course, not only me, but my whole family, and I bet everyone else who reads this, has an unhealthy addiction to Tik Tok, whether that's just watching them all day and night or making them as well. To be honest with you, all of the Tik Tok's I have made, I am 4 or 5 pink gin and lemonades in. However, I am debating on making another Tik Tok account and make it fashion-based... I will keep you updated if I do but while you wait for that, my personal Tik Tok is @katealiceellen

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