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This hashtag started out as something for university, for our fashion course to go a mock assessment centre wearing a piece of clothing that is second hand, therefore reworn.

I want to be able to spread the awareness of this hashtag, so others can learn more about how much fashion actually goes to waste and how a responsible fashion approach can help.

Each year, so many clothes go to waste by not being used or being thrown away, however there's so many things you can do with clothes you don't want any more and theres so many places you can buy clothes that people no longer want therefore getting them a lot cheaper.

Here's a few you can try yourself...

Charity shops

You can get so many cheap clothes from charity shops, they are extremely affordable (especially if you are a student on a budget). On the other hand, if you have a bag full of unwanted clothes lying about, then just drop them off at any charity shop and clear some space in your wardrobe for more.


One of my favourites. If you haven't got Depop already, I suggest you do. You can buy and sell your clothes on here, and it's not just clothes, people sell accessories, art, books and all sorts. Then at least your getting money for the clothes your getting rid off, which can go towards more clothes that'll you'll buy off Depop.

It's also good for when you want to buy something for a one off, such as halloween outfits or festival pieces.


H&M have this garment recycling service where if you take a bag of unwanted clothes into store, you get a £5 voucher off your next purchase, and who doesn't love money off?

There website states

"All clothes collected by H&M are either reused, reworn or recycled with 0% going to landfill."

which is amazing! So again, if you have clothes lying about, and your a fan of H&M, then you may as well take them unwanted pieces to your nearest store.

I hope you guys take these into consideration when it comes to buying clothes, become conscious of what your buying.

Speak soon,


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